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A Meatbug in Gothic 2.
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Information in this article has been compiled with the help of the Gothic Almanach and the Mondgesänge database.

The aptly named Meatbugs are a species of large, fleshy anthropods that bare a wide upper carapace, found throughout the lands of Myrtana and Khorinis.


As harmless scavanging insects, meatbugs are of no threat to other living creatures. They measure two feet in length, and crawl on eight segmented legs, with four on each side. A large carapace covers the entire upper portion of the meatbug. While these creatures are very weak, their carapace offers some protection against fire damage.

The fleshy insides of the insect, called bug meat, is edible. Inside the Colony, bug meat was periodically served as cooked food, called Meatbug Ragout.


Meatbugs prefer to inhabit decaying environments, such as dark caves, landfills or rotted out enclosures. They usually live in groups.


Using the appropriate spell scroll, one can transform into a meatbug. Doing so offers some unusual oportunities. For instance, it is possible to spy on one's enemies while posing as a meatbug. As humans, orcs and other creatures are not alarmed by meatbugs, one can sneak past a heavily guarded battlement without arousing any suspicion. One can also use this form to crawl under a gate/door. While exploring the Ancient Ruined Monastery with Gorn, the Nameless Hero had to turn into a meatbug to access the inner grounds.