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A grazing Scavenger from the Valley of Mines
Gothic 1

Gothic 2

Gothic 3
Grassland Scavenger: Jarkendar
Danger level
Easy, Average (Grassland Scavenger)
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Information in this article has been compiled with the help of the Gothic Almanach and the Mondgesänge database.

The Scavenger is a large bird of prey [1], resembling in stature that of an average person. Although there are multiple species and one subspecies across the world, their behaviour is similar, the Scavenger being a challenge for inexperienced hunters.

Species and SubspeciesEdit

During his travels, The Hero meets several species and one subspecies of this creature, which vary according to their habitat.

Scavenger (Valley of Mines)Edit

The first kind of Scavenger the hero meets is also the weakest. This is a subspecies endemic to the Valley of Mines. As a consequence of being trapped for multiple generations in an enclosed environment (caused by the Barrier), with fewer and weaker natural predators, their attributes have been drastically reduced, natural selection having a lesser impact upon them. This has also led to a slight increase in size, being a more rewarding source of meat for hunters.

The first hostile NPC the hero meets after being thrown into the Colony is usually a younger individual, a Juvenile Scavenger. This is one of the least dangerous , having reduced attributes and being a lot more exposed to predators. It offers less meat than an adult.

The Scavenger subspecies endemic to the Valley of Mines is currently extinct, as a result of being hunted by the Hero and the other creatures which came into the Valley of Mines after the collapse of the Barrier.

Scavenger (Island of Khorinis)Edit

Scavenger g2

A Khornis Scavenger.

This second type of Scavenger the Hero meets occupies the rest of Khorinis. This is the species the Valley of Mines Scavenger is derived from. It is a more robust and dangerous bird, which, as a consequence of the more perilous environment, reaches slightly smaller sizes than the VoM subspecies, offering a lesser reward to hunters. This species, as well as the related VoM Scavenger, has no plumage, their aspect being almost reptilian.

The Khorinis Scavenger, as well as the Grassland Scavenger are possibly extinct, yet this information is still uncertain, as no information of Khorinis has been heard after the departure of the Hero.

The Grassland Scavenger (Jharkendar)Edit

Scavenger gl

A Grassland Scavenger pack near Hermit's Hut in Jarkendar

The Grassland Scavenger is a more dangerous opponent. This is a different species encountered in Khorinis, possibly evolved from the Khorinis Scavenger, a lot more resilient. It is covered in a bright green plumage, being a more impressing site to the eye. There is a possibility that the plumage plays an important role in camouflage, as well as in reproduction or social hierarchy, being the only type of Scavenger with obvious visual attributes: large feathers shaped like dorsal spikes.

Despite behaviourally being similar to their wider spread counterpart, inexperienced hunter must keep a cautious attitude in confronting this bird, having always to keep in mind the possibility of fleeing.

Scavenger (Myrtana)Edit

Scavenger g3

A small pack of Myrtana Scavengers.

Despite being more dangerous than the Valley of Mines Scavenger, this species found across the Midlands is weaker in attributes than Khorinis Scavenger. This species is by far the most beautiful, having its head and back covered in a bright scarlet plumage. At the top of the head, it has a ridge formed of feathers, which is possibly plays a role in reproduction or social statute.

This type of Scavenger can only be found in Myrtana.


Gothic 1Edit

Attributes Armour
Strength Dexterity Mana Health Points Loot Weapons Arrow Fire Magic
Scavenger 8 8 0 40

50XP, 2 meat

9 5 0 0
Juvenile Scavenger 6 6 0 35 40XP, 1 meat 8 5 0 0

Gothic 2 (with Night of the Raven)Edit

Attributes Armour
Str Dex Mana HP Loot Lvl Perce ption Blunt Edge Arrow Fire Magic Fly
Scavenger 35 35 0 70 70XP 1 meat 7 75 35 35 0 35 0 35
Grassland Scavenger 60 60 0 60


1 meat

12 75 60 60 10 60 0 60

Gothic 3Edit

Strength Hunting skill HP Endurance XP Loot Armour
Easy 10 10 100 100 50 1 meat, 1 egg (random) 0
Medium 10-25 10-25 200 100 50 1 meat, 1 egg (random) 15
Hard 25-40 25-40 400 100 50 1 meat, 1 egg (random) 30


Lifestyle and feedingEdit

Scavenger pack

A pack of grazing Scavengers.

The Scavenger is a large, flightless bird of prey, being a non-magical creature. It is a social animal, living in packs [2] of up to 10 individuals. They have a powerful bond, protecting each other during an attack. Despite being social animals, it is fairly common for the Hero to find solitary individuals.

The Scavenger is a diurnal animal, sleeping during the night. A dexterous hunter can sneak past these animals while they sleep, having thus an advantage over large groups.

The Scavenger has large eyes, being its main sense. Despite being a large and strong animal, its main diet consists of small pray, which it digs out of the ground with its powerful beak, or picks out of the grass. This theory is supported by the fact that it usually lives just outside of forests or on meadows, always places with grass.

Scavenger sleeping

A Scavenger sleeping at night.

The Scavenger may as well possess a keen sense of smell, a trait often found in scavenging animals (The Scavenger being called that for obvious reasons).

Taking its diet into consideration, one can deduce that its long and strong legs are not destined for hunting, but for fleeing, being the bird’s main defensive trait. A Scavenger has yet to be observed chasing its prey.

Being a non-magical creature, it is mostly vulnerable to spells, a thing worth knowing for those trained in the magical arts. For the others, the best way to hunt a Scavenger remains the use of a long ranged weapon, the bird being vulnerable against arrows and bolts. However, such an attack is greeted by a group attack of the whole pack of Scavengers.

Despite these animals are aggressive towards humans, their aggression remains a defensive one. In the case of a human coming too close to a Scavenger, the beast first warns the person by emitting two high-pitched clucking sounds similar to those of a rooster before initiating an attack. If the person is far enough of the other Scavengers in the pack, only the closest one will launch an attack. On the other hand, if the player gets too close to the bird, it will attack immediately, without a warning.

The Scavenger’s huge beak is used for digging as well as attacking.

The beast’s main natural predators are wolves and bloodflies. However, the main threat for this bird remains hunting, being the main source of raw meat for human settlings.

The habitat of the Scavenger consists of temperate areas, proof of this being the fact that Scavengers do not exists in Varant or Nordmar.


Concerning reproduction, these birds do no show signs of sexual dimorphism. The plumage may play a part into attracting mates (the Myrtana Scavenger and the Grassland Scavenger), yet this remains a speculation, as well as sexual distribution of individuals in a pack. Plumage may also play a part into setting the pack’s hierarchy. Once the mating took place, the female lays a single egg. By taking into consideration their position while sleeping, we can assume these birds brood.

Taking into account that Juvenile Scavengers are present only in the first Gothic, and these were almost the size of adults, we can assume that these birds lay eggs and brood in mid-spring, by the end of the summer the hatchlings having grown considerably in size.

This is further sustained by the fact that the Hero was imprisoned in the Colony during the first Gothic in summer time. By the time he got to explore Khorinis, it was already early autumn and the Juvenile Scavengers were gone, assuming they have grown into adults.

Taking into account that the Hero’s trip to Myrtana lasted for six months [3], we can assume it was nearly mid-spring when he reached the mainland. By that time, female Scavengers were carrying eggs with an almost fully hardened shell, being close to laying them. The Scavenger eggs have a blueish tint.

Scavenger ProductsEdit

See article: Food in Morgrad

The main product of Scavenger hunting is meat. The following attributes apply:

Type of meat Health Points Given  Prices
Scavenger (Valley of Mines) Raw 10 5 ore
Fried 15 8 ore
Ham 18 12 ore
Scavenger (Khorinis)/ Grassland Scavenger Raw 6 3 gold
Fried 12 6 gold
Ham 20 50 gold
Scavenger (Myrtana) Raw 10% 3 gold
Fried 20% 20 gold
Ham 15% 50 gold
Egg 5% 6 gold

There isn’t a noticeable difference between Scavenger meat and the meat of other animals, with the exception of Meatbug meat. As it is possible to see in the table above, the Valley of Mines Scavenger’s meat is more nutritious than the meat of the Scavengers in other parts of the island. One explanation could be that the less dangerous way of life has offered it the possibility to gain weight, the fat saturated meat offering more health points when eaten.

Between the meat of the Khorinis Scavenger and the Grassland Scavenger there is no difference.

A hunter can gather the meat of a killed Scavenger and cook it on a cooking pan or on a stove, yet ham can only be obtained by the farmers, the Hero never learning the skill allowing him to process meat into ham.

The Scavenger eggs are extremely poor in nourishment. They bring also little gold when sold. They are, however, useful in potion making.

Spells and PotionsEdit

See article: Transformation Magic

The Hero can transform into a Scavenger, this way being easier for him to sneak through thick lines of non-human enemies, such as Orcs. At least two such situations can be recalled, first when the Hero set out to discover Xardas’ Tower in Gothic 1, and sneaking through the ranks of invading Orcs to reach the castle in the Valley of Mines in Gothic 2.

Game/Method Ingredients Price Merchants
Gothic 1 Scroll 5 mana 100 ore
Gothic 2 Scroll 5 mana 50 gold

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 6

Gothic 3: recipe for Transform into Scavenger Potion


  • Transformation potions


  • 1 scavenger egg
  • 1 strange mushroom
  • 1 vial
450 gold
Gothic 3: Transform into Scavenger Potion 30 mana 450 gold


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